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Tomlinson is a leading supplier of Ready Mixed Concrete in Ottawa for residential, industrial, commercial, civil and agricultural construction projects.

GPS Tracking

The entire fleet of Tomlinson Ready Mix trucks is outfitted with an internal Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking system. This complementary service enhances efficiency and productivity by allowing our customers, dispatchers and project teams to track the delivery of concrete to their job sites in real-time with Tomlinson Live. Customers have access to a private portal to access information about their own jobs that are individually tracked and monitored through live updates.

Advantages of the Tomlinson Live system include:

  • Global map of truck locations throughout the Eastern Ontario Market
  • Individual jobsite tracking on a job by job basis
  • Individual truck tracking including speed of truck, location, and jobsite discharging of concrete
  • Historical data including previous jobs and delivery history
  • Constant upgrades and improvements to the Tomlinson-Live.com system provided to customers at no charge

Quality Control

Tomlinson has implemented an internal Quality Assurance Program to ensure our customers are getting quality concrete that meets their required specifications. All of our plants are fully certified by Concrete Ontario (formerly RMCAO) to meet the demands of producing modern concrete in the Eastern Ontario Market.

Producing quality concrete begins with selecting certified aggregates and cement that meet the strictest CSA, OPSS and ASTM specifications. The automated batching systems at our plants allow us to precisely produce and monitor every load of concrete. Part of our Quality Control Program includes field testing of concrete, from residential to agricultural projects and commercial to civil projects.

Using our extensive historical database of compressive strength results, we are able to continually produce quality concrete for all customer needs and develop new mixes for specialized contract requirements.

Extensive Product Range

Tomlinson provides Ready Mixed Concrete for any type of construction – residential, commercial, civil or agricultural – and our extensive range of products includes specialty concrete like Smart RockTM Plus. Tomlinson works with only the highest quality products to ensure every job is met with 100% customer satisfaction. We also provide concrete mixes that conform to “green” building practices.

Smart RockTM Plus is a new value-added solution which offers real-time concrete strength results on the job site. This is made possible through a combination of wireless smart sensors and the Smart RockTM Plus mobile app. Contractors benefit from Smart RockTM Plus through:

  • Access to Real-Time Strength Results
  • Better Control on Project Scheduling
  • Mobile-Based Wireless Connectivity
  • Early Project Completion Time
  • Reduced Labor Costs and Break Tests

Additional Information

Tomlinson Ready Mix has a 30 year history of providing residential concrete to the Eastern Ontario market. All of our residential mixes meet or exceed the Ontario Building Code and CSA specifications.

Class of concrete Element Maximum water/cement ratio Minimum 28 days specified strength % air content
R-1 Foundation footings 0.7 20 MPa 3-6%
R-2 Foundation walls 0.7 20 MPa 4-7%
R-3 Interior slab on grade (basement) 0.65 25 MPa Non-air
R-4 Porches, steps and garage floors 0.45 32 MPa 5-8%

From single-story retail stores to multi-story apartment buildings, curbs and sidewalks, culverts and bridges, Tomlinson Ready Mix can provide the quality concrete required to meet the needs of any commercial or civil construction project. We can deliver the highest quality concrete required for your Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and/or Ontario Provincial Standard Specifications (OPSS) based contracts.

Tomlinson Ready Mix can also create specific mix designs with particular requirements like rapid chloride permeability, air void systems, sulphate resistance and high compressive strength.

Tomlinson Ready Mix has a long history of providing quality concrete for Agricultural customers that meet the requirements outlined by CSA and the harsh environments where this concrete is needed. Tomlinson Ready Mix can also conceive specific mix designs with specific requirements such as rapid chloride permeability, air void systems, sulphate resistance and high compressive strength.

Class of concrete Element Maximum water/cement ratio Minimum 28 days specified strength % air content
A-1 Structurally reinforced concrete exposed to severe manure and/or silage gases, with or without freeze thaw exposure. 0.4 35 MPa 5-8%
A-2 Structurally reinforced concrete exposed to moderate to severe manure and/or silage gases and liquids, with or without freeze-thaw exposure. 0.45 32 MPa 5-8%
A-3 Structurally reinforced concrete exposed to moderate to severe manure and/or silage gases and liquids, with or without freeze-thaw exposure in a continuously submerged condition. 0.5 30 MPa 5-8%
A-4 Non-structurally-reinforced concrete exposed to moderate manure and/or silage gases and liquids, without freeze-thaw exposure. 0.55 25 MPa 4-7%

Tomlinson Ready Mix can provide Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) concrete for residential and commercial projects. Our standard ICF mixes contains a mid-range water reducer to allow for a 140mm target slump which allows for ease of placement with minimal vibration inside the ICF block forms.

We can help enhance the appearance of your driveway, pool deck, garage floor, or any other areas that require coloured concrete installation. The Tomlinson Ready Mix computerized colour dispensing system can match any supplier colour charts.

Additional information:

The use of macro synthetic structural fibres can eliminate the need for welded-wire mesh or even small reinforcing steel for commercial slabs on grade. The macro synthetic structural fibres can provide a high durability and impact resistant floor that is reinforced in three dimensions. Tomlinson Ready Mix can provide the dosages and quantity of structural fibres required to meet any requirements that welded wire mesh would typically carry.

Additional information: 

Tomlinson Ready Mix offers a wide range of concrete mixes designed for faster setting times. More information is available in the following document:

Tomlinson Ready Mix has the ability to provide concrete at any slump required through the use of our mid-range and high-range water reducers. These concrete admixtures allow concrete to achieve a high slump and flowability without any additional water thus maintaining a lower water/cement ratio and ultimately maintaining desired strengths.

  • Mid-Range Water Reducers allow the concrete to be poured at slumps from 100mm to 145mm (4” to 5.75”).
  • High-Range Water Reducers allow the concrete to be poured at slumps from 150mm to 230mm (6″ to 9″).

Additional information:

Tomlinson Ready Mix can produce a self-consolidating concrete for any project you require where high reinforcing steel congestion occurs and internal vibration is difficult. These self-consolidating concrete mixes require no consolidation and self compact as it is deposited into the forms or slabs.

Integral Concrete Hardener is a dry powdered material, which is added integrally into the concrete mix during the batching process. The additive is engineered to provide concrete with superior hardness and improved durability for demanding construction projects. It has the unique ability to enhance the integrity of air-entrained and non air-entrained concrete. Integral Hardeners provide advantages in industrial, transportation and water resources projects, with applications such as paving, bridges, parkades, industrial floors, super-flat floors, precast pipe, dams, spillways, stilling basin.

Additional Information

Integral crystalline waterproofing admixture is specifically formulated to interact with concrete capillary pore structures to provide a waterproofing system that is a permanent part of the concrete matrix. It lowers water penetration by reducing permeability of the concrete by 50-90%, even under extreme hydrostatic pressure. This admixture can be used in above and below-grade applications.

Active chemicals combine with the free lime and moisture present in the capillary tracts and pores, to form insoluble crystalline complexes. These crystals block the capillaries and minor shrinkage cracks in the concrete to prevent any further water ingress, even under pressure. The concrete will still allow the passage of water vapour through the structure, i.e. the concrete will still be able to “breathe”.

Additional Information

Concrete Blocks are available at our Ready-mix Plants. Constructed with our high-quality concrete mix, these are built to last and competitively priced.  Call us today to place your order (613) 835-3395.

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