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Biosolids & Organics Management


Lystek International

Lystek is a leading provider of Thermal Hydrolysis solutions for the sustainable management of biosolids and organics.

Award-Winning Technology

The multi-use, award-winning Lystek system reduces costs, volumes and GHGs by converting municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities into resource recovery centers.

This is achieved by transforming organic waste streams into value-added products and services, including;

  • LysteGro®, a high-value, nutrient-rich Class A EQ (Exceptional Quality) biofertilizer that serves as a highly effective alternative to traditional fertilization for use in agriculture, sod farming, horticulture and more
  • LysteMize®, a patented process for optimizing digester performance that reduces volumes and increasing biogas production
  •  LysteCarb® offers improved BNR system operations with a safer, more cost effective source of readily available carbon for enhanced biological denitrification and phosphorus removal.


To learn more about how Lystek helps municipalities and generators reduce waste, costs, odors and GHGs through its innovative and proven approach to biosolids and organics management, visit lystek.com.

Lystegro Fertilizer

Lystek’s proven technology transforms biosolids and other organics into a pathogen free, federally registered, CFIA (Canada) and Class A EQ (U.S.A.) recognized fertilizer product.

As chemical fertilizer prices steadily increase and alternative sources of valuable organic matter become harder and harder to source, LysteGro fertilizer provides an economical, sustainable and highly effective alternative to traditional fertilization.

LysteGro is an organically-based, concentrated fertilizer product with a full complement of nutrients suitable for a wide range of fertilization requirements.

LysteMize – WWTP Optimization

The cost of biosolids and organics management is the largest single operating cost for most wastewater treatment plants (WWTP’s). 

There is a distinct movement to convert WWTP’s into Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRF’s). In addition to the creation of a saleable, Class A (EQ) quality, fertilizer product, the multi-beneficial Lystek system can also be utilized to optimize or “LysteMize” the overall performance of your plant.

Leveraging the patented LysteMize approach for plant optimization will help reduce your operational costs, while increasing biogas output for green energy and enhancing the value and capacity of your existing plant infrastructure.

LysteCarb - BNR Optimization

Eutrophication of lakes and estuaries due to the level of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) in wastewater effluent discharges are a significant concern.

Many jurisdictional regulators are evaluating these effects and subsequently, reducing the allowable levels of N and P in wastewater discharges.

As a result, an increasing number of Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) systems are being deployed at wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs).

LysteCarb offers enhanced BNR system operations with a safer, more cost effective source of readily available carbon for enhanced biological denitrification and Phosphorus Removal.