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Waste & Recycling Containers

Sustainable Disposal

Waste & Recycling Container Rentals

With one of the largest container inventories in Eastern Ontario, Tomlinson provides sustainable disposal solutions for residential, municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional customers.

Efficient Waste & Recycling Management

With a commitment to preserving our natural resources, Tomlinson has developed efficient waste and recycling services using modern equipment. Our recycling programs ensure you divert the highest level of waste, helping you protect the environment while increasing your efficiency.

In addition to standard waste and recycling services, Tomlinson’s dedicated team can expertly develop a customized plan to clarify your waste management needs, address challenges and identify the right course of action. We can also conduct regular audits to optimize your waste management strategy.

Our services include:

  • Waste and recycling bin and container rentals, from roll-off bins to individual recycling containers
  • On-site waste collection and recycling operations
  • Municipal curbside collection
  • Recycling facilities for fibre, glass and tin

Recycling Containers

Our efficient front load containers can be used for garbage, waste or recycling. They are available in 4 standard sizes. We also offer in-ground front load containers.

Our heavy duty recycling containers come in 2 standard sizes and are ideal for commercial waste, renovation projects, or areas with limited space.


At Tomlinson Environmental Services, we take pride in the fact that we are constantly available and responsive to all customer service requests.

As an environmental services leader, we always provide reliable assistance you can trust.   


The Tomlinson Environmental Services team will expertly develop a customized plan to clarify your waste management needs, identify challenges and create the right course of action. 

Products Available

  • Roll-Off dumpsters in 3 primary sizes
  • Front-load containers for waste or recycling
  • In-ground front-load containers excluding Molok®
  • Recycling containers
  • Compactors to own or lease


Kingston Customer Service: 613-634-9274

Cornwall Customer Service: 613-933-4410