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Construction Aggregates

Tomlinson has been producing quality aggregates for more than 40 years, and has 25 licensed Pits and Quarries situated throughout the Ottawa area, Brechin and Bruce Mines.

From Rock to Road

Our twenty-five pits and quarries produce the critical foundation for roadway infrastructure, buildings and other structures. The heavy construction industry relies on high-quality aggregate supply for its success, which is why our product is used in many applications including ready-mix and precast concrete, asphalt, hard rock, road building and construction. In addition to premium concrete and asphalt aggregates, Tomlinson offers a broad selection of natural, manufactured and recycled aggregates conveniently located for all our customers’ needs. These include coarse, fine, gravel and crushed aggregates, as well as aggregate stone. Our team of dispatchers, sales associates and quality assurance and control technicians complement our GPS tracking system to provide the best service in the industry.

Alongside our superior products, we also provide competitive pricing and value added services for customers. These include:

  • technical support
  • certified lab testing
  • portable crushing contracts
  • product delivery
  • industry expertise

Quality Control

Owning quarries and pits from East Ottawa to Bruce Mines allows us to guarantee high quality for every project. Materials produced from our pits and quarries are tested on a daily basis using the most stringent quality standards. Results are immediately reviewed, evaluated, and reported by our technicians and engineers.

We maintain two laboratories at Tomlinson. Our main facility is CCIL Certified for Type C and D testing. We also have a mobile laboratory that was constructed and designed to shadow our highway division along with stationary labs that are located in Brechin, and Ontario Trap Rock. All production facilities are tested on a daily basis to ensure quality compliance.

Recycling Aggregates

Over the past 10 years, Tomlinson has worked diligently to produce recycled materials that meet and/or exceed the Province of Ontario and the City of Ottawa’s specifications.

By doing so, Tomlinson has been able to divert annually approximately 100,000 tonnes of concrete, 40,000 tonnes of asphalt and 3,000 tonnes of glass from local landfills. We are proud of this achievement and we are committed to continuously providing environmentally conscious and high quality products.