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Project Details

Client: Amazon
Location: Amazon YOW3 222 Citigate Dr (Barrhaven)
Timeframe: 2020-2021
Partners: Broccolini Construction


  • Constrained 14-month schedule
  • 50 tri-axle trucks hauling material off site with 14-18 shovels
  • Removed all vegetation/trees as required for construction of the site
  • Completed all earthworks, site servicing, final grading, paving, exterior concrete works, building excavation, all mechanical/electrical trenching and backfilling
  • Granular B and granular A (crushed on site)
  • Supplied and compacted a granular base throughout the entire building to allow for structural steel erection.
  • Provided all permanent and temporary erosion and sediment control measures required for the project including removal and disposal, provided a temporary drainage plan
  • Supplied compacted granular pads for temporary site storage and site trailers (400 mm granular material)

Project Description

Tomlinson was engaged as the subcontractor for the site development of the largest Amazon fulfillment centre in Canada. The facility has the capacity of handling over 100,000 packages daily. A gross constructed floor area over of 2.8 million square feet (2,800,000 sq.ft.). The 5-storey building and parking areas cover approximately 23.5 hectares. In just a matter of months, the land was transformed from greenfield to a bustling construction site.Tomlinson Ready Mix supplied a staggering amount of concrete to Broccolini Construction. The supply and delivery came from three concrete plants in the amount of 104636.05 cubic yards (80,000 m3) or 7,824 loads. As a visual, this would be equivalent to filling 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools.