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Lees Avenue Bridge

Project Details

Client: City of Ottawa
Location: Lees Avenue underpass on Highway 417, Ottawa, Ontario
Timeframe: July 2013 – November 2014

  1. Project Start Date: July 2013
  2. Removal of Existing Structure: Weekend of June 21st/22nd, 2014
  3. Installation of New Structure: Weekend of September 6th / 7th, 2014
  4. Project Completion Date: November 2014
Value:  $11M
  • Central Welding & Iron Works (Structural Steel)
  • Vector (Galvanic Corrosion Protection on Abutments)
  • Watson Bowman (Bearing / Expansion Joint Supplier)
  • Urkadda (Geotechnical)
  • Stantec (Surveying)
  • Mammoet (Rapid Lift)
  • Roadlast (Waterproofing)
  • Dufresne (Deep Foundations / Protection Systems)
  • Capital Cutting & Coring (Sawcutting / Coring)
  • Access Rigging (Supply/Installation/Removal of Falsework)
  • Blackrock (Deep Foundations/Caissons)


  • Removal and replacement of the heaviest superelevated bridge (2100 tonnes) in North America using Rapid Lift Technology;
  • The new bridge is a two-span super-elevated structure on structural steel box girders
  • Part of the widening of Highway 417 for Ottawa Light Rail Transit Project (OLRT)
  • Short time frame for completion during 2 overnight highway closures;
  • Removal of the previous three-span Lees Ave Underpass on Hwy 417 was completed by a hybrid in-situ demolition of spans one and three adjacent to the highway and rapid removal of the center span over the highway.

Project Description

  • Winner of Ontario Steel Design Award of Excellence – April 2015
  • Use of Rapid Replacement Technology to remove the bridge in just 17 hours, 7 hours ahead of schedule
  • Girders installed on temporary structures and concrete deck formed & poured on the erected steel in the staging area close to the location of the existing bridge
  • Self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) used to lift the poured structure off the temporary shoring and move it to its final location
  • Placement of 3,000 tonnes of granular material to create usable access road for removal;
  • Placement of 4,200 metric tonnes of granular A for bridge replacement;
  • Supplementary work completed during highway closure: removal of 100 meters of Noise Wall; completion of 2 sewer crossings; grinding & paving Central Transitway structure; St-Laurent structure work; installation of a catch basin; removal of 3 catch basins

Tomlinson Divisions

This project required the efforts of Tomlinson Environmental Services – Industrial Waste Division, RWT for equipment and trucking and Aggregates for backfill material.