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Leaders in Document Shredding & Storage

For over 20 years, Datashred Security has been Ottawa’s leader in secure document destruction, records management and offsite storage for public and private sector businesses and organizations.
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Secure Shredding & Document Destruction Services

Datashred specializes in secure, cost effective and compliant mobile and on-site document shredding and data destruction.

Why Datashred?

  • Allows businesses and organizations to be compliant with privacy law and regulations
  • Cost effective method of destruction
  • Secure, ensuring all confidential and sensitive information is destroyed properly
  • Sensitive to the preservation of our local natural environment. Guarantees 100% recycling of all paper materials as well as secure and eco-friendly disposal of media materials.
  • 48 hour order request turnaround time

Secure Off-Site Records Management

Datastore is a local leader in data storage and records management for the National Capital Region. We are the only company in region to offer a wall-to-wall, waterless fire suppression system with restricted access, climate control and 24hr video monitoring for your sensitive and important documentation. We are also an approved Controlled Goods Program Facility.

We also provide an online customizable portal that allows clients to easily review, find and request records, as well as manage record retention.

Confidential Document Destruction

We specialize in secure, cost effective and compliant document shredding and data destruction.

Our services include on-site one-time purge and automatic scheduled shredding. All shredded material gets recycled which is the most efficient, secure, and cost effective process for securing our clients’ intellectual property.

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