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Quality Control & Compliance

High Quality Standards

Tomlinson is dedicated to maintaining a consistently high set of Quality standards. This approach has led to the company receiving many awards.

Our Laboratories

Service Excellence

Daily Analysis.

Our main laboratory is CCIL Certified for Types A, B, C and D testing.

Across our concrete, asphalt and aggregate divisions, products are tested and the results evaluated daily to ensure they meet the strictest industry specifications.

We also maintain a mobile laboratory and stationary labs located in Brechin and Ontario Trap Rock.

Quality Materials For Every Project

As well as a dedicated team of Quality Control Technicians and Quality Control Administrators, Tomlinson abides by a comprehensive internal Quality Management Plan.

Our skilled laboratory and field technicians are committed to excellence. They take ownership of quality, and work tirelessly to provide the results our customers expect.

Owning our own pits and quarries allows us to carefully monitor the quality of materials. Materials produced from our pits and quarries are tested using the most stringent quality standards. Equipment is continuously calibrated and maintained in order to meet the rigorous standards of today’s working environment. Results are immediately reviewed, evaluated, and reported by our technicians and engineers.
All Tomlinson Ready Mix plants are certified by Concrete Ontario to meet the demands of producing modern concrete. We check gradations and physical properties on all coarse and fine aggregates. Monthly mill test reports are received from cement suppliers ensuring set times and strength requirements are being met in accordance with CSA. Using an extensive historical database of compressive strength results, we are able to consistently produce quality concrete and develop new mixes for specialized requirements.
Quality Control comes first and foremost in every step of our construction projects. Through rigorous training, our Quality Control staff are experts in the concrete, asphalt, structures, aggregates, and grading. Tomlinson continuously provides extensive in-house and professional institute training for our employees.
We have access to quality aggregates ranging from granitic sand to designated source materials such as diabase. Our main facility is CCIL Certified for Type A and B testing. Our laboratories are equipped with gyratory compactors and ignition ovens. We also have the capacity to produce asphalt mix designs using both the Marshall and Superpave methods in accordance with the latest LS Test methods and AASHTO Specifications.
Tomlinson holds ISO 9001:2015 certification for our concrete, asphalt, aggregate and heavy civil divisions. This designation positions us for continued construction contract work within Quebec, and ensures we meet the requirements under new Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) rules for area maintenance contracts.