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Leading Asphalt Producer

Tomlinson is the largest hot-mix asphalt producer in Eastern Ontario and a leader in the region’s asphalt road construction.

Superior Asphalt

For nearly a half-century we have used premium aggregates from our own pits and quarries to create superior asphalt for our customers in commercial, residential & municipal sectors. Our skilled staff, quality control procedures, and efficient plants, have earned us a reputation for excellence.

Over 50 Asphalt Mixes

Tomlinson uses self-sourced aggregates to produce more than 50 different commercial asphalt mixes. Our experts have successfully designed and manufactured asphalt for projects at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels, from parking lots to high-volume highways.

We have access to aggregates ranging from granitic sand and dolostone to designated source materials such as dolomitic sandstone and diabase. Our diverse selection of sources enables us to produce everything from driveway mix to high-end FC 2 and SMA mixes. We also have the capacity to produce asphalt mix designs using both the Marshall and Superpave methods in accordance with the latest LS Test methods and AASHTO Specifications.

We have also committed to a responsible use of recycled materials, helping our customers to deliver environmentally conscious projects.

Quality Control - CCIL Certified

Tomlinson’s asphalt undergoes rigorous testing on a daily basis at our Laboratory which is CCIL Certified for Type A and B testing. The depth of our Quality Control Division allows us to provide customers with the technical assistance and field support they require to meet the demands of more complicated contracts.

There is also a mobile laboratory that was constructed to shadow our highway division, ensuring quality control during every stage of a project.

Our laboratories are equipped with gyratory compactors and ignition ovens. All equipment is continuously calibrated and maintained to meet the rigorous standards of today’s working environment.


Did you know we can also supply your concrete, including specialty mixes for residential, commercial, civil and agricultural projects?