Leaders in Environmental and Transportation Infrastructure Services

Sewer & Watermain


Experienced Contractor

Tomlinson is Ottawa’s largest and most experienced sewer and watermain contractor with 50 years’ experience serving the Eastern Ontario market.

Value Engineering

With extensive experience, our team is able to provide value engineering services on how best to approach any project. Our dedication to creating and maintaining loyal partnerships has allowed us to provide enhanced benefits to our customers.

Professional Team

This focused team of management, supervisors and professionals delivers complex projects, on time and on budget to partners and customers. Our expertise includes sewer and watermain replacement, deep excavations, managing complicated soil conditions, including rock and significant dewatering, and large scale earthworks

Municipal Sewer & Watermain

Tomlinson has led some of the largest and most complex municipal rehabilitation projects in Ottawa, and we continue to be the cityʼs preferred contractor. We have been working successfully with municipal, provincial, and federal agencies for more than 50 years to complete projects which benefit the municipality of Ottawa and surrounding regions.

Using top of the line construction equipment and an experienced staff has allowed Tomlinson to continually deliver quality infrastructure projects in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on working with the community and local businesses to ensure the construction process is smooth for all stakeholders.

Commercial Sewer & Watermain

Tomlinson has a long and successful history working closely with Ottawa’s private sector. We carefully manage every step and ensure constant collaboration among the owners, consultants, and contractors.

Our knowledgeable team is experienced in all aspects of residential construction jobs. All components can improve an existing property or prepare a site for a beautiful new home. Our excellent results stem from a focus on delivering quality as well as staying on schedule. Our team has the horsepower to complete large projects in a very short time frame. We are proud to have worked with homeowners and property owners in the past, and are eager to help create a space that works for you.