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Checking in at our site in Picton Ontario. It's not every day we get a cool pic like this one of our team rehabilitating the old existing tunnels to make them operational again. Keep up the great work team!

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Want to grow your career in construction? We are looking to hire a Project Coordinator to join our busy, hardworking team. Work on some of our key job sites, providing support to the crew and managers. Apply today! https://t.co/dmdA0ed3OU

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At it again, early morning start makes for a good day. Happy Friday Red Army!

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Beautiful morning on the water in Kingston. Our Industrial Waste Team is en route to a job on the island. Looking good team!

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Another stellar kickoff to a great program we offer our employees at Tomlinson. Our Mentorship Program provides a solid opportunity to develop employees who want to focus on personal growth and are committed to their long-term career goals. #tomlinsongroup https://t.co/LNWvEjZKkW tomlinsongroup photo
Starting the morning off right at our 5:30am Drivers Safety meeting at our Power Road location.

#tomlinsongroup #corevalues #safety https://t.co/9SvaOb4x7l
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