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Ontario Trap Rock


Specialty Aggregate

Ontario Trap Rock is a specialty aggregate quarry on a 1,000 acre site on the shores of Lake Huron. It produces a durable rock ideally suited to the most demanding environments and applications.

Road & Railroad

Located near Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, the OTR quarry contains more than 80 million tons of aggregate known as diabase or trap rock. The very hard, durable nature of trap rock makes it ideally suited to the stringent specifications of railroads and high friction asphalt applications.

Tomlinson offers an extensive network of over 18 Canadian and US ports which give asphalt producers, pavement preservation contractors and railway operators the confidence of timely and reliable deliveries of the highest quality friction aggregates and rail.

Demanding Applications

Prized for our consistently reliable gradations, Ontario Trap Rock offers:

  • superior thermal and acoustic properties in rock wool insulation
  • higher than average strength in specialty concrete applications
  • skid-resistant, durable, long-lasting road surfaces
  • AREMA Compliant

Superior Customer Service

Tomlinson has gained a reputation for exceptional quality and superior customer service.

Our ship loading facility and the dredging of an existing channel now facilities access for self-loading lake freighters, providing a more environmentally friendly and cost effective mode of transportation than traditional road or rail.

Serving the Ports within the Great Lakes

Illinois:  Chicago

Ohio:  Ashtabula, Cleveland, Toledo

Ontario:  Windsor, Sarnia, Port Colborne, Hamilton, Toronto, Owen Sound

Pennsylvania:  Erie

Michigan:  Detroit, Saginaw, Cheboygan, Ludington, Muskegon, Benton Harbour

Trap Rock/Diabase is an aggregate that provide superior friction properties. It assists in building Voids in Mineral Aggregate (VMA) and allows for increased binder replacement (FRAP/RAP/RAS) content.

Ontario (DSM Inventory # B22-072)

  • HL-1 (5/8″ clear)
  • DFC Fines
  • Unwashed Manufactured Sand
  • ¼” Chip

Michigan (MDOT Source # 95-10)

  • Aggregate Wear Index – 306
  • CS-1
  • CS-2
  • 25-A
  • 29-A
  • Washed manufactured sand
  • Unwashed manufactured sand

Illinois (IDOT Source # 52352-02)

  • CM-13
  • CM-14
  • CM-16
  • FM-22

Ohio (ODOT Source #4144-01)

  • ODOT #7
  • ODOT #8
  • ODOT #9

OTR’s railroad ballast exceeds industry strength and durability requirements. Our railroad ballast forms the track bed upon which railroad ties are placed. Properly placed and maintained ballast holds track in place and facilitates drainage. OTR meets all North American railway applications and AREMA specifications.

  • Mainline Ballast (2-1/2″ x ¾”)
  • Walkway Ballast

OTR’s ready mix concrete is used in temperature sensitive and high abrasion resistant industrial applications. It has a freeze thaw dilation of -0.001 per Michigan Test Method 115.

Due to its chemical properties, OTR’s products can be used as an ingredient to in the production of rockwool insulation.

Mineral Wool/Rockwool Products:

  • 3″ x 4″
  • 4″ x 6″

OTR’s fine aggregates, such as Slurry Seal/Micro-Surface, provides friction properties to the finished surface and increases set time to reduce the duration of road closures.

Slurry Seal/Micro-Surface Products:

  • DFC Fines
  • Unwashed manufactured sand

OTR has an extensive inventory of boulders with sizes ranging from less than 12″ to over 3.’ Having our own boulder supply means our customers can enjoy savings by buying direct from the quarry as opposed to buying from a landscape supplier.