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Project Details

Client: Ford
Location: Ford Warehouse – Casselman, Ontario
Timeframe: 2021-2022
Partners: Leeswood Design Build Construction


  • Detailed footing excavation
  • Interior/Exterior Footing backfill
  • Mechanical and Electrical Trenching
  • Gran A backfill under SOG
  • Storm Sewer Supply and Install
  • Sanitary Sewer Supply and install
  • 250mm Watermain Supply and Install
  • Fire Suppression Line Supply and Install
  • Paving For Parking Lot
  • Supply and install culverts
  • Excavation and grading for Retention Pond
  • Excavation for Fire Suppression Tanks
  • Excavation for Septic System
  • Install Storm and Sanitary Pump Stations
  • Coordination of electrical, signage, retaining walls and final landscaping.

Project Description

Tomlinson was engaged as the subcontractor for the site development of a 540,000 square foot parts warehouse state-of-the-art facility that will service 154 dealerships. The work included underground storm and sanitary drainage systems outside the building including all excavation, backfill, compaction and connections to manholes, including supply and installation of all manholes. Tomlinson Ready Mix also supplied a staggering amount of concrete to Leeswood Construction.