Tomlinson Win’s 2023 ORBA Community Leadership Award

Tomlinson is proud to announce that we have been chosen as the recipient for the 2023 ORBA Community Leadership Award! Established in 2015, this award recognizes an ORBA member company or an individual, employed by an ORBA member company, for selflessly undertaking philanthropic activities or providing community service, for the betterment of their community and the world around them.


Community leadership isn’t about the size of the donation you make, but about the number of lives you effect. With continuous micro-charity support, rather than a “One and Done” mentality, we can touch more lives, and give more people the opportunity to get involved and make a difference across Ontario.


We are proud to be a long-standing member of the community, involved in multiple municipalities and towns within Ontario. To serve as many of our community members as possible, we try to be involved in multiple charity opportunities throughout the year.

But with so many in need, how do you decide where to focus your efforts?

We made this process simple by allowing our employees personal connections within their communities to drive our charity involvement. Whether it is through sponsorship requests, or employee lead initiatives, we push our employees to get involved, and help those around us. In 2023, Tomlinson was involved in over 25 different charity sponsorships or events.


For a more in depth look at the ways Tomlinson interacts with our surrounding community, take a look at this short summary video provided by ORBA during the awards ceremony.


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