Leaders in Environmental and Transportation Infrastructure Services

Queen St. Streetscaping Renewal, City of Ottawa

Project Details

Location: Queen Street
Timeframe: 2016-2019
Value: $9,000,000
Tomlinson Divisions: Tomlinson Sewer and Watermain


  • Coordination with Light Rail Transit downtown tunnel
  • Maintaining one all-purpose travel lane in each direction
  • Auxiliary turn lanes at critical turning locations
  • Flex-space along the street edge for on-street parking and loading.
  • Wider sidewalks to accommodate increased pedestrian volumes
  • Improved landscaping and street furnishings (trees, benches, bike rings, waste receptacles, surface pavers, etc.)
  • New OC Transpo bus stops and shelters
  • Transform Queen Street into a transit showcase street, given that two of the three downtown Confederation Line stations (Lyon Station and Parliament Station) will have station entrances on Queen Street;
  • Support the success of Confederation Line’s Lyon and Parliament Stations;
  • Be the focus of pedestrian activity in the area;
  • Support bus-to-LRT interface zones to serve the Confederation Line in the downtown core;
  • Provide opportunities for on-street parking, loading and service space for commercial vehicles.

Project Description

  • Construct extra-wide boulevard sidewalks, creative designs for parking and access, priority crosswalks and landscaping.
  • New sanitary and storm sewer and service replacement from Bay Street to Lyon Street.
  • Grading and drainage.
  • New catch basins and catch basin leads.
  • Concrete and unit paver sidewalks, flexible parking and crosswalks.
  • Shared bike lanes.
  • Street furniture and plantings.
  • Resurfacing and sidewalk/curb reinstatement on the western and eastern limits.