The Ottawa Construction Association (OCA) has recently curated a webpage of career highlight videos that showcase the achievements of some of Tomlinson’s committed employees within the construction field. This playlist is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn from the experiences and insights of top performers in the field! Featuring Operators, Groundsman, Truck Drivers, Foreman, Gradesman, and beyond, these videos offer a unique perspective on what it takes to excel in the construction industry.

To check out the insights of our team, head over to our YouTube channel and take a look at our OCA Careers playlist here: Tomlinson OCA Careers Playlist

In addition to our career highlight playlist, the OCA website also features a Careers page that showcases the roles and achievements of people beyond Tomlinson. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, guidance, or more exposure to the roles that exist within this field, the OCA is a great resource to turn to. Be sure to check out the OCA Careers page to discover the many ways in which you can achieve success in your chosen role: OCA Careers Page