Tomlinson Acquires Dufresne Piling Company

We are excited to announce the addition of Dufresne Piling Company to the Tomlinson Group of Companies.

Founded in the late 1960’s Dufresne is a unionized contractor that specializes in Excavation, Site Services, Deep Foundations and Shoring. Dufresne’s proven track record, operational expertise, talented employees and excellent customer relationships are a great addition to the Tomlinson Group. We share many of the same Core Values. This acquisition also fits with our Strategic Plan to help extend our service offerings in our core construction business and extend our ability to take advantage of the many real estate development partnerships that require deep excavation, shoring and piling in the Ottawa area.

As the markets we compete in continue to become even more competitive, we are always looking at ways to improve our business and there are many things to be learned from Dufresne and their operating practices. Dufresne will also benefit from now being integrated with a full service material supplier, underground and road/civil contractor.

On Tuesday July 18, members of the Tomlinson family, along with Trey Graham owner of Dufresne met with the employees of Dufresne to welcome them to the Tomlinson Group. We look forward to building upon the best practices of both companies to the benefit of our customers and employees.