Tomlinson 4th Annual Employee Golf Tournament

Tomlinson recently hosted our 4th annual employee golf tournament called Grip It and Sip It at the beautiful Falcon Ridge Golf Club. The event saw a total of 224 golfers throughout the day, all of whom were eager to compete and have some fun.

The day consisted of four different tournaments, all of which were highly competitive and thrilling to watch. The golfers showcased their skills as well as their unique team styles, making the event an exciting one for everyone involved. The atmosphere was electric, with everyone cheering each other on and having a great time.

Apart from the golf, the event also had a 50/50 draw, which raised $1275 for the Ottawa Food Bank. This was a great way for everyone to come together and give back to the community while having fun at the same time.

The weather was perfect for the event, with clear skies and warm sunshine throughout the day. The beautiful surroundings of the Falcon Ridge Golf Club only added to the experience, making it a truly memorable day for all.

Tomlinson is committed to providing its employees with opportunities to come together and have fun, and this event was no exception. The tournament was a great way for employees to bond with each other and build relationships outside of the workplace.

In conclusion, the 4th annual employee golf tournament, Grip It and Sip It, was a huge success. The event brought together employees from all over the company, and everyone had a great time. The competition was intense, the weather was perfect, and we raised money for a great cause. We look forward to seeing everyone next year and continuing to build a strong sense of community within our company.