Redevelopment of Lansdowne / Redblacks

Excavators have almost finished swinging at one of Tomlinson’s largest commercial contracts to date. The redevelopment of Lansdowne Park has been a project that many of those working on site will not soon forget. Directed by Project Manager Andre Michaud, Tomlinson crews have relentlessly battled the site conditions and managed the contract obligations on this enormous job.

By December 2013, half of the crews, led by Gaston Michaud, were working steadily to prepare the massive underground parking structure for paving operations with building, mechanical and granular preparation well underway. Meanwhile, on the topside of the site, crews were firing on all cylinders. They were working meticulously under the leadership of Michel Lefebvre and completed the exterior backfill operations and prepared the site for winter.

One of the biggest challenges Tomlinson faced throughout the excavation process was the work that took place below the water table, with excavation work sometimes taking place one to two metres below the water table. With a seemingly endless amount of water flooding work areas, crews had to show true real-time innovation. Crews often had several large scale dewatering operations in progress, just to combat the water.

It has been a long hard road for the folks at Lansdowne Park. However, with football set for kick-off this spring, and a substantial amount of the contract completed, Tomlinson Crews have yet again gone above and beyond expectations, cementing our reputation as one of the regions leaders in site preparation construction.