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Portable Toilet & Trailer Rentals

Tomlinson Comfort Stations has been providing portable toilet rentals for special events and construction sites in the Ottawa and surrounding area for more than 30 years. With a reputation for quality units and excellent customer service, we are Ottawa’s #1 choice for portable toilets.

Comfort for your Event

Tomlinson’s portable toilet rentals are a popular choice for weddings, parties, corporate and non-profit events. We have a large stock of portable toilets to meet the needs of your event, large or small.

Our washroom and restroom trailer is especially popular for outdoor weddings and winter events to provide the comfort of an indoor bathroom.

A Clean Job Site

Our reliability, commitment to service, and large inventory make us a preferred choice for Ottawa’s construction industry. Contractors, builders and homeowners receive special pricing for weekly and monthly rentals. 

Rental includes weekly cleaning and replenishment of supplies.

Excellent Customer Service

“The team has been outstanding for us. We have 500 portable toilet rentals a year and would never consider dealing with anyone else. We have counted on them in a variety of different situations, day or night. We can’t thank you all enough.” Michael Wood, Owner, Ottawa Special Events

Portable Toilets

Our tradition portable toilets come with several options: Accessible toilets, MOL compliant, separate hand wash stations, etc.


  • Large inventory
  • Upgraded equipment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Septic tank services
  • Holding tank services
  • Fleet of trucks

Premium Units

Our premium portable toilets are heated, spacious and well lit. They come equipped with stainless steel sinks, large mirrors, air fresheners, soap dispensers and hot water. You can select single units or multi-stall trailers and opt for a static or mobile unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sites should maintain a 1:10 ratio of units to workers based on a 40 hour week.

# of people Recommended Number of Units
1-10 1
11-20 2
21-30 3
31-40 4

Use the chart below to determine the number. For example, if 2000 people attend an outside auction and it lasts 10 hours, then 16 Comfort Stations will be needed.


Note: The chart only provides a rough estimate since other factors such as the availability of food and beverages and the transient nature of peak crowds can also influence these numbers.

  • Toilets
    • Provide (or make arrangements for) water flush toilets that are connected to a sanitary sewer, or chemical flush toilets that are not connected to a sanitary sewer.
    • Ensure that minimum numbers of toilets as prescribed per number of workers regularly employed at the project are provided, and separate facilities for female workers are provided, unless the facilities are intended to be used by only one worker at a time.
    • Ensure an adequate number of urinals are provided. Subsection 29.1(6) of the Construction Regulation provides the number of urinals that can replace toilets if the facilities are only to be used by males. Ensure that facilities are serviced as often as required. (One week intervals may not be sufficient in warm weather or when larger numbers of workers are present at a project).


  • Clean-up facilities
    • Provide an adequate number of clean-up facilities, as prescribed (not less than ½ the number as toilets) and ensure that they are equipped with wash basins, with both hot and cold running water where reasonably possible, paper towels and receptacle or a hand dryer.
    • In cases where it is not reasonably possible to provide running water, it is permissible to use hand cleanser that can be used without water, paper towels (and receptacle) or a hand dryer.

Note: Although this is a fact-specific determination to be made by an inspector at a workplace, it is the position of the Ministry of Labour that clean-up facilities complete with hot and cold water (or 1 ]warm water) are, as a general matter, reasonable to provide by Constructors in almost all construction projects, with the exception of long “mobile” projects, short duration projects (less than 1 month) or very geographically remote projects where road access is not possible.

  • Toilet and Clean-up Facilities
    • Ensure that the facilities are adequately heated (if possible), ventilated, illuminated and kept in good condition at all times.
    • Ensure that facilities are regularly serviced, cleaned and sanitized.
    • Keep records of when they were serviced, cleaned and sanitized.

Within 30ft of where the truck will park. The units should be placed in an easily accessible area for the service vehicle to pull up and clean units.

Tomlinson offers a 24 hour live answer emergency response, if you have an emergency you can call 613-822-2700 at any time.

  • Emptying of the holding tank
  • Remove debris
  • Scrub and sanitize all surfaces of the portable toilet including walls, toilet seat, urinal and floor
  • Add fresh water and anti-bacterial deoderizer to the holding tank
  • Replenish supplies

Yes, we have them in two types, MOL compliant flushing units with sinks and Regular units with Sinks.

Yes we have interior units. These units have wheels and can be moved by hoist as well.

(Quoted from University of Minnesota and the Portable Sanitation Association research)

• A portable toilet generally has a capacity to service 400 uses.
• Most people use the washroom every 2 – 3 hours.
• If you have 2000 people, using the unit 4 times a day, the math says 20 units. However, you may have a line-up problem at peak times (before or after a concert, or after a meal.)
• Men take approximately 2 minutes in the washroom, Women take twice as long. So, if you have the units gender labeled, take this into consideration (designate every 2 out of 3 as ladies’)
• Have the sinks placed outside of the units if possible to alleviate line-ups.
• Provide garbage receptacles so that all those water and beer bottles don’t end up in the toilet.

We normally deliver on the Friday before and pick up on the Monday after for a Saturday rental but this is flexible. Contact us to discuss your event.