Lystek Organic Material Recovery Center Starts Servicing Bay Area

Signs four-year service contract with Central Marin Sanitation Agency

Cambridge ON – Lystek International is pleased to announce that it is ramping up operations at its new, 150,000 (U.S.) ton, state-of-the-art, Organic Material Recovery Center at the Fairfield Suisun Sewer District (FSSD) in California (Lystek OMRC-FSSD). In addition to the base volume of 14,000 tons per year from the FSSD and commitments from other Bay Area agencies, Lystek recently entered into a four-year service contract with Central Marin Sanitation Agency (CMSA) for the diversion and treatment of its biosolids. This agreement marks another step forward in the progression toward reliable and sustainable, year-round organics management in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The CMSA is located North of San Francisco, California. It operates the largest wastewater treatment facility in Marin County providing services for special districts and municipalities in the San Rafael and Ross Valley areas of central Marin County. About 6,500 tons of biosolids are produced here annually. The agreement allows the CMSA to diversify its biosolids management program and divert over half of this volume to the new facility where it will be utilized to produce LysteGro, a Class A EQ (Exceptional Quality) product, that is high in organic matter and nutrients and that is recognized by the California Department of Food and Agriculture as a licensed fertilizer.

Jason Dow, General Manager of the CMSA states that “We are proud to be a partner in the early development of this important, ground-breaking facility. It will play an important role in allowing us to diversify and stabilize our biosolids management planning and while contributing to the circular economy.“

“These are exciting times as we head toward our Grand Opening celebration on October 21st”, said Jim Dunbar, General Manager of the new Lystek OMRC-FSSD. “This agreement is another step forward in the realization of the many benefits that will be realized as a result of this ground-breaking project. It is fantastic to be able to work with the CMSA, FSSD and all surrounding communities that need reliable, year-round biosolids and organics management. We are proud to offer solutions that reduce “waste” and carbon emissions while contributing to the health and growth of the local economy. We are honored to be a provider of high quality products and services and excited to welcome the CMSA to our expanding list of satisfied customers” adds Dunbar.


About Lystek

Lystek International Inc. is a leading provider of low temperature, Thermal Hydrolysis solutions for the sustainable management of biosolids and organics. The multi-use, award-winning Lystek system reduces costs, volumes and GHG’s by converting municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities into resource recovery centers. This is achieved through the patented and proven LysteMizeTM process of optimizing digester performance, increasing biogas for green energy, and transforming organic waste streams into LysteGroTM, a high-value, nutrient-rich biofertilizer and LysteCarbTM, an alternative carbon source for BNR systems.

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