In Celebration of Earth Day 2017

The Tomlinson Waste Recovery Centre (WRC) was showcased by CTV Ottawa’s Live Eye morning show hosted by Sarah Freemark. From 6am to 10am this morning, Sarah was on site at the WRC in Ottawa interviewing the Tomlinson Environmental Services team to provide an educational and fun set of segments to make the Ottawa public more aware of their garbage and waste and what can be recycled or recovered.

Tomlinson recycles a large amount of waste – from construction debris to ewaste – which helps divert as much as possible from landfills! The Tomlinson Waste Recovery Centre is helping Ottawa to do the right thing for the environment.

To see the four Tomlinson segments from the CTV Morning Show, click here.

Many thanks to Lee Timmins, Rob Hall and Dakota Zito for their great interviews and time in front of the camera!

Fun facts:

  • 250,000 tonnes of construction and demolition materials are thrown into Ottawa landfills every year. That’s about the weight of 50,000 elephants
  • Tomlinson’s Waste Recovery Centre has the capability to process 50 tonnes of these materials an hour = 500 tonnes a day (100 elephants)
  • 80% of those materials could be recovered or recycled
  • 110,000 tonnes could be diverted from landfills each year (22,000 elephants)

About the Waste Recovery Centre

The Tomlinson Waste Recovery Centre combines a state-of-the-art construction and demolition recycling facility, a traditional blue and black box processing facility, an electronics and appliances recycling depot and a waste transfer station for any material that can’t be recovered. The result is a single destination and environmental resource for the local construction industry, businesses and home owners tackling their own renovation, construction or cleanup projects.

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