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Compressed Natural Gas


Compressed Natural Gas

    Compressed natural gas (CNG) is becoming increasingly popular with companies operating large commercial fleets as an alternative fuel source due to its lower emissions and cost compared to traditional fuels. Tomlinson has begun transitioning to CNG-powered vehicles and equipment to reduce our environmental impact and operating expenses.

Moving Towards A Greener Future

At Tomlinson, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our fleet. As part of this commitment, we have been transitioning our vehicles to run on compressed natural gas. With over 30 vehicles currently utilizing CNG, we are continuously adding new vehicles to our fleet. Join us in our efforts to promote sustainable transportation and decrease our carbon footprint.

Our Fuelling Station – Right Off HWY 416!

If you are on the road looking for a compressed natural gas fill-up station, stop by our Moodie Drive location right off HWY416!  We have 3 fast fueling stations open to the public.   Not a member? Get your fuel card today by filling out the form below.

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