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For over 20 years, DATASHRED Security, a division of Tomlinson Group, has been a leader in secure data shredding and storage. Locally owned and operated DATASHRED Security offers secure document destruction and offsite storage for public and private sector businesses and organizations in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Our staff are knowledgeable and trusted experts who work with clients to provide effective, compliant and secure document destruction and storage solutions.

Mobile Document Destruction

DATASHRED offers mobile, secure, cost effective and compliant document shredding and destruction of sensitive material:

One Time Shredding Service (Purge)One Time Shredding Service (Purge)

  • Our state of the art mobile shredding units are dispatched to complete shredding on site at the client’s location.
  • CCTV cameras are installed to allow clients to view the destruction process and witness the shred.
  • DATASHRED can help with special projects by providing bags or bins for collection and staging of the material before destruction
  • Clients receive a certificate of destruction and compliancy as proof that all material has been destroyed.

Scheduled ServicesScheduled Service

  • We provide clients with locked consoles throughout the workplace to securely hold discarded sensitive and confidential documentation.
  • Multiple types of secure consoles are the most effective way to keep sensitive information secure until destroyed.
  • DataShred offers flexible pick up schedules to match their clients’ need and frequency.
  • Clients receive a certificate of destruction as proof that all material has been destroyed.

For more information, please download our DataShred brochure.

DATASHRED Security is sensitive to the preservation of our local natural environment. All shredded material is recycled in an environmentally friendly fashion, saving tens of thousands of trees and millions of gallons of fresh water every year.

Records Management & Storage

Datastore offers a variety of services to meet clients’ needs from bar-coded box storage, file destruction, or a customized solution that’s right for our clients’ business.

Storage BoxesStorage Boxes

  • Datastore sells standard file 1.2 cubic feet boxes (banker boxes) as well as custom size boxes for clients to store their documentation and files.

Box & Storage ManagementBox & Storage Management

  • Safeguard your files and boxes from theft and fire by storing them off-site in a secure facility
  • Manage records in real-time through our online portal and barcode tracking system
  • Same & next day delivery of files or boxes

File IndexingFile Indexing

  • Manage files on-demand with our secure customer portal
  • Files are also available by calling direct or sending an email where a local records management specialist can assist.


  • Set retention cycles for specific boxes or files and we’ll prompt you for permission to destroy the material after shelf life expires
  • In-house shredding is done by our Datashred Security Division which simplifies the secure process and maintains the chain of custody
  • Certificates of destruction are provided upon completion and complete storage history

Customized SolutionsCustomized Solutions

  • For more unique challenges related to on-site or off-site document storage, our team of experts can develop a customized solution to suit your organization and needs.

For more information, please download our DataStore brochure.

For more information:
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Customer Service Representative
Datastore: (613) 822-8221
Datashred: (613) 839-0066

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